Morgan's 9A Portfolio

Academic Goals

I have been known to be a dreamer, and a wish maker, but they all were like “What if I could fly” or “I wish I had a million dollars”. So just saying I have pretty crazy things in my life that I want.  As far a school goes I hope some day to go to an amazing college that is perfect for what I want to be, of which I have no clue.  Another goal that I wish to achieve is getting straight A’s in all of my classes.  In my future classes of high school I would like to take more honors classes.  Now as I venture out of required classes I would like to take all of the vocal classes possible and take drawing and fashion. I want to join clubs that help other causes.  I will be auditioning for “The Matchmaker”.  After High School I would like to go to either Juilliard, Savannah school of arts and design or SCAD, or State. 

Career Goals

I am not very sure what I want to be when I grow up, but I have some ideas. I wish I could be a singer, archeologist, chef, or a fashion designer.  I really like finding and doing different things.  The number one thing in the world I want to be is a singer because when I sing I forget about everything else and turns to nothingness. The number one thing that is important to me is liking my job. I don’t want to be in it just for the money. I love MI but I don’t know if my job option is going to be available.