Morgan's 9A Portfolio

The purpose of this website is to showcase all of my favorite assignments from Honors English.


Hello and welcome to my page.  I am very happy that you are here to see all of my masterpieces. I really like to express my self through my writing. This is the reason why I took Honors English.  Honors English is very exciting and a great learning opportunity. I am very proud of myself for fulfilling my dream of being in and Honors class.  I really hope that you enjoy all of my work. Have fun!!
Paint Brush

I keep my paint brush with me
Wherever I may go
In case I need to cover up
So the real me doesn't show.
I'm so afraid to show you me,
Afraid of what you'll do- that
You might laugh or say mean things.
I'm afraid I might lose you.

I'd like to remove all of my paint coats
To show you the real me, true me,
But I want you to try and understand,
I need you to accept what you see.
So if you'll be patient and close your eyes,
I'll strip off all my coats real slow.
Please understand how much it hurts
To let the real me show.

Now my coats are all stripped off.
I feel naked, bare and cold,
And if you still love me with all that you see,
You are my friend, pure as gold.

I need to save my paint brush, though,
And hold it in my hand,
I want to keep it handy
In case somebody dosen't understand.
So please protect me, my dear friend
And thanks for loving me true,
But please let me keep my paint brush with me
Untill I love me, too.

Bettie B. Youngs

I really like this poem because it really touched my heart and I think that everyone in their life feels this way for awhile. I remember that I thought that people would make fun of me because of the way I dressed but then I learned to love and respect my self first and then other would do the same.  To this day I know that confidence is a great thing to have.